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What is the Napa-Sonoma Vineyard Group?

The Napa-Sonoma Vineyard Group (NSVG) is a vineyard management and development company that custom farms premium grapes for wineries, independent growers, and small vineyard owners. In addition to vine selection and planting, development services include site evaluation, obtaining permits, design and installation of infrastructure, and coordination with subcontractors and engineering. Management services are available for projects NSVG develops and for established producing vineyards. Management services include custom farming, pest monitoring and control, hillside and erosion control, sampling and harvest, as well as brokering grapes and assisting customers to custom crush.

What's unique about NSVG?

The Napa-Sonoma Vineyard Group offers a comprehensive range of services addressing the varied needs of its customers. NSVG can help the small vineyard owner go from the beginning dream of owning a vineyard to an end goal of producing wine under a personal label. NSVG can scientifically farm a winery’s estate vineyards to meet the demanding specifications of the discriminating wine maker. NSVG can also work with individual growers to help find a buyer for their crop and to assure the wine maker the highest quality fruit.


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